MTTR: Security's Most Important Metric

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Mean Time to Remediate

The Most Important Security Metric
in 2024 and Beyond

Today, most application security tools are designed to find vulnerabilities, not fix them. 

What is noise and what is risk? And, more importantly, how do you accelerate the remediation of the most critical vulnerabilities?

The answer lies within one key metric — Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR). This paper will focus on how security teams:

  • Are faced with a remediation dilemma today 
  • Often don’t have the tools, information, or context to solve that remediation dilemma, leaving their organization exposed 
  • Need better approaches to get them to remediate faster, not more tools that add tasks to the to-do list 
  • Should look to measure and track their MTTR as a reflection of how well their remediation efforts are reducing risk 

Taking a better strategy to decrease your MTTR and keep your organization safe can begin today — download the paper to learn how.

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